8 Gardenia Lane

Levittown, NY 11756

Levittown Day Care Focuses on Child's Development

Learn and Play Levittown offers a healthy and structured environment.

By Nicole Murphy (Patch Poster) - Updated January 31, 2012 6:55 am ET

Yvonne Bisk travelled to the United States eight years ago with dreams of opening her own day care center, and the day before her 50th birthday, her dreams came to life.

Learn and Play of Levittown opened in the lower level of Bisk's Gardenia Lane home last June with hopes of providing a safe and positive learning environment for children of local families.

"I always wanted my own day care center and after working with other families my husband and I decided to go for it," said Bisk, a Holland native who has worked with children for most of her life. "I love to see the kids grow and develop. We love to teach them and help them on their way."

Learn and Play offers day care services for children ages six weeks to 12 years. Open for just seven months, Bisk said it was a struggle at first, but now she nearly fills up her home every day of the week.

"I was lucky that a lot of parents followed me from the day care center that I used to work at," she explained. "I held an open house, posted flyers door-to-door and shared with my business networking group. It took a little while but the clientele built up."

Careful attention to each child's needs is something that Bisk and her staff take very seriously. From morning walks and a healthy menu, to studying and arts and crafts, Learn and Play strives to provide nothing but a nurturing environment.

"We have a structured day schedule and the kids love it," Bisk explained. "We won't really go above 12 children per day so we can focus. My husband works from home so he is our designated driver and a great assistant."

Bisk also believes in providing a strong social foundation for children from a young age. She has seen enrollment go to full-time based solely on the skills children develop while in her care.

"I believe children learn to play best together," Bisk said. "Everything is a learning experience for little ones and it's a great place to interact with others."

Most importantly, Bisk feels it is imperative that the families are comfortable with her practices and facility.

"A child is the parent's most precious possession and they need to feel comfortable and safe when they leave them here."

For more information on enrollment, visit Learn and Play Levittown's website.


Originally published January 30, 2012. This post is contributed by a community member. The views expressed in this post are the author's.